GPS ServerGate

Several GPS citizens learned about bidding/financial improprieties that were happening within GPS. For example, if an administrator wanted a contract to go to a specific vendor that they had prearranged, they would ask that vendor to write up the RFP (request for proposals) using industry specific language and terms that only the choice vendor could provide. The vendor would then email over the RFP to the administrator and that document was used to "bid out" the work. Amazingly, only the choice vendor would be able to meet the terms and therefore always got the contract. This is illegal under Arizona law, but there is no auditing process according to the Arizona Auditor Generals office to detect this kind of malfeasance, unless they receive a specific tip from someone.

In the case of GPS, when citizens discovered the financial improprieties and started asking for emails related to these transactions, the entire District email server was wiped clean. Even before that though, the IT staff told Gilbert Police that they were specifically forbidden to keep archives of emails. The administrators wanted no recoverable electronic record of these email transactions.

Pacek Interview

In this Investigative interview Jim Pacek describes how for many years the Cabinet (typically Superintendent, Assistant Superintendents, and a couple of other administrators) vehemently forbade any backups of email, going so far as to make it clear, once these items were deleted they needed to be permanently gone, despite the fact they were actually public records that by law must be kept in case a member of the public requested them. He said it was clear to him the reason would have been to thwart public records requests (FOIA –Freedom of Information Act).

Dennis Box Interview  Part  1 ref Corry Dangerfield Venard

Dennis Box Implicates Jenn Corry protected Allison, and  It seemed to hime Clyde Dangerfield and Barb Venard would cook stuff up and wanted to make sure it wasn’t traceable.

Dennis Box Interview Part 2 ref Allison

Dennis Box Admits to deleting former Superintendent Dave Allison’s emails and email account.

Dennis Box Interview  Part 3 ref Allson

Dennis Box Says Jenn Corry cleaned up Dave Allison’s Laptop.  Dennis said when he got to Allison’s laptop almost everything was gone from it.

Dennis Box Interview  Part  4 ref Crosspointe Paid by District

Dennis Box says he was paid by the district after his retirement to come back and wipe Dave’s hard drive (references Crosspointe).

Dennis Box Interview  Part  5 ref Not What You Would Think

Dennis Box reiterates the cleaned and reformatted Allison’s Hard drive. Says there wasn’t much on there at that point – Said there was only 2 or 3 things left on there…”not what you would think a Superintendent would have.”

Barb Willeson, secretary for Superintendent Dave Allison, admits to shredding documents.

Jenn Corry, Administrative Coordinator says Nikki Blanchard, Associate Superintendent under Superintendent Dave Allison told people, including her to delete emails due to paranoia of public records request.